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John Hopkins Medicine - Ryan Vandrey

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5510 Nathan Shock Dr Baltimore, MD 21224
  (410) 550-4036




Dr. Vandrey’s research focuses on the behavioral pharmacology of cannabis (marijuana) and nicotine/tobacco.  Dr. Vandrey conducted several laboratory studies demonstrating that a significant withdrawal syndrome occurs following abrupt cessation of heavy cannabis use.  This included studies showing the time course of effects, the relative severity of cannabis withdrawal when compared with nicotine withdrawal, and the pharmacological specificity of the syndrome.  Dr. Vandrey has also collaborated with toxicologists resulting in the publication of important papers helping to define the pharmacokinetics of cannabinoids in various biological matrices.  He is currently conducting research exploring medications that can be used as adjuncts to behavior therapy to improve rates of abstinence among treatment seekers, examining the role of sleep in the development and maintenance of cannabis use disorders, conducting laboratory research on the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of cannabis across different routes of administration, and conducting research designed to help evaluate the safety and efficacy of medicinal use of cannabis. 

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